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How to Choose The Best Ceremony Locations

"Location, location, location! Find a unique location that’s not like any other. Lookfor spectacular architecture, unique ceremony locations, (like our True North patiooverlooking Tempe Town Lake and the Papago Mountains, on stage in our theater, orin our spacious art gallery.) A unique and memorable wedding requires a unique andmemorable location." — Lisa Mosley , "Look around at things in your life,” says Amina Michele Garrison, of Some Like it Classic
Wedding Design. "Whether it be your living space, restaurants you love, or even your closet. Consider trips you have taken with your fiancé, music that influenced the fun in your relationship, or even sayings or quotes that you live by. Allow yourself to be inspired by things other than just wedding photos — pay attention to patterns, textures, and lighting that catches your eye."

Start by considering your hobbies and your professions. “We recently played host to a wedding in which the groom was a pilot,"says Don Fassinger of Tempe Center for the Arts. “Several hundred small paper airplanes were suspended over the dance floor during the reception. On other occasions, we have hung special lighting and décor that reflected a hobby, love or profession of the couple. All it takes is creativity.” Think about special moments in your relationship — dinners, vacations, favorite dates you’ve been on.

"Choose a theme that shares a part of [your] lives,” says Shelli Walker of Community Florist. "You can add a keepsake from your travels to the guest book table, centerpieces and even include pieces in bouquets.” Then, make a list of your favorite things. Things of all kinds. "If the bride loves butterflies," Whitney DenOtter, of The Wigwam suggests, “place little butterfly accents in random places around the ceremony or reception room so attendees find them when they least expect it. It adds a bit of flair and fun to the evening."


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