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More about the Cosmetic Dentists Wichita

Besides general dentistry, there are predominantly two dental specialties that deal with dental aesthetics: prosthodontics and orthodontics. A prosthodontist is the person who primarily does crowns maintenance and does not have good oral hygiene; those extrinsic stains become harder to bleach out. Intrinsic stains are a bit different. They are not superficial; they are

usually ingrained in the interior of the teeth during tooth development. This could occur by exposure to medication, like tetracycline, or excessive ingestion of natural fluoride in water, which causes fluorosis. Intrinsic staining can also be caused by trauma to the tooth in childhood or even adulthood. When a person receives trauma on a tooth, the trauma leads to internal bleeding of the tooth’s pulp. That blood gets into the microscopic, tube-like structures of the dentin. The blood oxidizes there, which darkens the tooth color. At one time, people thought intrinsic stains could not be treated by bleaching at all and that the only options were veneers or bonding: that is, adding some kind of opaque layer over the tooth to cover the stain. However, these days, sometimes a long-term bleaching treatment can remove even the deepest-set intrinsic stains. Of course, cosmetic dentists Wichita must supervise this kind of bleaching.


The biggest cause of teeth staining is age. As the teeth get worn down, they get darker. Teenagers have teeth that can be bleached the most easily. When people reach their twenties, their teeth have gotten a little yellower, although they are still easy to bleach. By the time people hit their forties, their teeth have gotten browner, and have incorporated more stains, so they need more maintenance.

After hitting the fifties, if an individual has never bleached, and he or she has extrinsic stains that are so deeply ingrained they are almost intrinsic, the stains become much more stubborn. It takes longer to bleach them and to maintain a lighter shade of teeth. The starting color of the teeth, of course, is very important. If an individual has white teeth that have changed shade or gotten darker over a period of time because of extrinsic issues, then that is easier to deal with than an individual who began with a less-white shade of teeth. Cosmetic dentists Wichita cannot fight genetic predisposition very effectively. In the latter case, the individual’s teeth could be made whiter, but they would not become as white as those of a person who had extrinsic stains but began with very white teeth. It is important to consult the cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening. Alester Brown

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