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What to do about depression ?

What to do about depression ? we’ve learned it time and time again , “Just control your ideas .” Nicely , that’s a slam-dunk each time , isn’t it ?I have a super life I think . However recently I just feel unhappy , bored with my self , very antisocial , I get so angry at my self I want to puke , I usually think about dying , but I would never assassinate my self , I am at all times tired but don't sleep very well , really strange dreams , need to encourage myself to get out of bed , lack of energy , improvement in appetite .

I just don't know who Now I am . I continually act different around various people . But when I'm with my good friends we do a lot of horrible things like drinking in addition to drugs .

So – What to do about depression ? Living with depression ?

Best solutions of our experts:

Make a consultation with a psychologist , go with your mother and father , a family group advice session might be best . Stop taking drugs as well as alcoholic beverages , hard but you certainly are not enjoying life a lot more by having fun drinking and feel responsible about it too . Get and Try out some thing awesome you l might like and be open to different friends of any age . I just began an art course and it's a wonder even though they are generally older I really like it and all my issues go away when I go . Good luck .Drugs really ruined our life-BAD !

Anna smith: 47 years, i'm a psychologist at the memphis clinic who specializes in eating issues, weight loss, body image concerns and mindfulness.

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